A Hora do Entulho EP 27 – Flash Gordon

Radio show dedicated to all kinds of music, every month on Sundays, from 21h to 23h: reruns from 01h to 03h and 09h to 11h the following day
Emissão dedicada às mais variadas sonoridades, programa mensal das 21h às 23h:
repetição das 01h às 03h e das 09h às 11h do dia seguinte.
Setlist: Pearl Jam, Nightstop, Queen, Blues Pills, Shadow Ray, Dancing Scrap, Imminence, He Is Legend, 9 Electric, Nick Noro, Fight The Fight, FM, Ricky Warwick, Queens Of The Stone Age, Penywise, Agnostic Front, Motorowl, The Answer, Blind Seer, Empty Threat, 40 Grit, Candiria, A Higher, Demise, Cancel The Apocalypse, Pain, Good Tiger, Skallbank, Malvent, Hail Spirit Noir, Underling, Without Mercy, Meshuggah
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