World Of Metal na Telefonia Da Amadora EP1

A World Of Metal apresenta um programa semanal com as mais recentes novidades do mundo do metal, sem esquecer os clássicos, o momento Zen e claro, o momento WTF?! Um programa da autoria de Fernando Ferreira todas as terças e quinta feiras, da meia noite às duas da manhã. Abaixo as setlist e os links para ouvir e/ou fazer download do podcast

Setlist da primeira hora:

Momento Clássico – Queen – Tear It Up
Blues Pills – Lady In Gold (Live)
Iron Maiden – I’ve Got The Fire (Live)
Visigoth – Warrior Queen
The Doomsday Kingdom – The Never Machine
Angra – Nothing To Say
Cellador – Break Heresy
Painted Black – Dead Time
Sinistro – Lotus
Momento WTF?! – Decrepit Birth – Orion

Setlist da segunda hora:

Wrath Sins – Collision
Vallendusk – Coronation
Vampire – Knights Of The Burning Crypt
Meshuggah – Nostrum
Cannabis Corpse – Papyrus Containing The Spell To Protect Its Posessor Against The Attackes From He Who Is In The Bong Water
Vallenfyre – Soldier Of Christ
Napalm Death – Oh So Pseudo
Wolves In The Throne Room – The Old Ones Are With Us
The 3rd Attempt – Egocide
Momento Zen – Moonspell – The Hanged Man


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