Boys From Heaven


WOM Tops – Top 20 Rock Albums 2020​

Licantropy / Boys From Heaven / Lionville / Wishbone Ash / Derek Fresquez & Cuttin The Chord / Pink Pussycats From Hell / Mother’z Boyzz / Mike Tramp / The Night Flight Orchestra / Her Name Was Fire / Wayward / Vestal Claret / Brkn Love / Supersuckers / Dead Lord / Grumpynators / Blues Pills / Jessica Wolf / Bloody Heels / Pain City

Licantropy, Boys From Heaven, Lionville, Wishbone Ash, Derek Fresquez And Cuttin The Chord, Pink Pussycats From Hell, Motherz Boyzz, Mike Tramp, The Night Flight Orchestra, Her Name Was Fire, Wayward, Vestal Claret, Brkn Love, Supersuckers, Dead Lord, Grumpynators, Blues Pills, Jessica Wolf, Bloody Heels, Pain City

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O Álbum do MêsReviewTops

Álbum do Mês – Novembro 2020

Boys From Heaven, Alfonso Corace, Silvera, Lord Almighty, False Gods, In Cauda Venenum, Leaves Eyes, Nightmare, Xeno, Coastlands, Iron Angel, Armored Saint, Toadeater, Kira, Furies,
Neànder, Sotz, Kneel, Anaal Nathrakh

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