Craven Idol


WOM Tops – Top 20 Death/Black Thrash Metal 2021

The Crown, Terminalist, Paranorm, The Day Of The Beast, Eternal Evil, Bunker 66, Enforced, Desaster, Molten, Apostasy, Demoniac, Craven Idol, Reaper, Alastor, Lucifuge, Siniestro, Mortal Vision, Wraith, Treyharsh, Transilvania,

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O Álbum do MêsReviewTops

Álbum do Mês – Agosto 2021

Trance, Oversense, Wormwitch, Grisly, Infex, Oxygen Destroyer, Feeling Of Presence, Blacksword, Brilliant Coldness, Bohemyst, Tiny Tree, Hooded Menace, One With The Riverbed, Agrypnie, Ænigmatum, Qrixkuor, Wormwood, Craven Idol, Vaelmyst, Burial In The Sky

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