WOM Exclusive Interview – Hexivoid (UK)

Prepare yourself for Black Metal manifestation! After the successful team up of MSH Music Group and Hexivoid (UK) it’s time for a debut full length. Thus ‘Disdain From A Burning Cosmos’ will be released on 10th November 2019. Hexivoid (UK) is into that fresh thing of unstoppable insane drop tune guitar riffing shattered by schizophrenic vocals and drum bombing.


Simple things first – where are you from?

The location of HEXIVOID is East Anglia, but the sonic output resonates throughout the cosmos so the location is merely metaphysical.

Before you get sick of being asked… where does the band name come from?

HEXIVOID actually came to me after the recording process was finished, I was trying to sleep the night I completed the final track when I saw a void, shaped like a hexagon in my semi-conscious state, thus the name HEXIVOID was born, an accident or sorts but one that felt had a high purpose.

Tell me the brief history of your band.

There is little history of HEXIVOID, I was taking a break from demoing ideas for SYKELIG ENGLEN when the most estranged, inhuman and vastly different ideas came to me and just started flowing out, the celestial spew was something I felt the world needed to witness or at least those worthy, perhaps the good folks reading this interview have the elevated mind to comprehend such wonders…

What are your influences? Describe your music. What makes you unique?

My influences are a strange thing. Of course Heavy Metal in all its forms is my foremost consumed influence however I draw many elements of HEXIVOID from things outside of music, for example Science (especially regarding the cosmos), spirituality and literature (Lovecraftian primarily).

The music itself is unique due to the merit it was never something I actually wrote, more like creative convulsions that I happened to record, the greater ones singing through a guitar, bass, drum pattern or just my vocal chords. All the lyrics and riffs were improvised, nothing was pre-written or constructed.

Where recordings of ‘Disdain From A Burning Cosmos’ took place?

The recording process was captured in my home, the same way as many projects of mine are. However this one was less like recording an album and more of a strange trance like state that was merely processed through a conventional recording means and amplification.

Do you have any particular lyrical themes?

The lyrical themes of HEXIVOID are ambiguous. While they directly relate to cosmic energies, life forms and science, I never wrote the lyrics nor did I make them decipherable, they are a mystery to the listener as much as they are to myself. The only clean vocals on the album are possible to understand but I will let those willing to listen hear the call, rather than write it out and lessen the impact. So in essence, cosmic themed lyrics but not in the more typical sense a few artists are using as much as it is the cosmos speaking through Black Metal.

What is your musical equipment (Let me know if there is any kind of endorsement here) ?

My equipment is a rather diverse mixture, depending on the project. However my go to set up is a ESP Eclipse through a EHX Metal Muff, Mooer Noise Killer, MXR Carbon Copy and into a 100w Blackstar head into a 4×12 Blackstar cabinet. All of these factors are incredibly interchangeable and completely differ from project to project.

What, if anything, are you plugging/promoting at the moment?

All my musical recommendations are channeled into a combination of my webzine and Youtube channel (both can be found under Nattskog) and also the reviews I contribute to Legions Ov Darkness magazine. However I can specifically suggest a couple of bands for your readers who are interested. Andavald, Gardsghastr, Sinmara, Black Cilice, Kvelgeyst and Antimateria are some stunning Black Metal projects to listen to.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

With Autumn drawing in and the darkness spreading, I aim to focus my energy into listening to plenty of music as I do all year round, also enjoying the changes in nature, the heavy damp of the air and contentment as a stressful chapter of my life closes. Musically I am continuing to write new material for Sykelig Englen and some new projects that will potentially be unveiled soon, or maybe never come to fruition, who can be certain? Certainly not I.

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