WOM Features – DÖ – “Atmosfear” Video Premiere – Exclusive!

, the Helsinki based döömers are set to release their new album “Astral Death Cult” at the end of September. Ahead of the release the band have unveiled the official video for the track “Atmosfear”, a crushing blend of slow-motion blackend doom and swirling cosmic psychedelia.

Bassist and vocalist Deaf Hank comments on the track and video, “Atmosfear is a song about vastness. The nothingness of man. The lack of humbleness. And how the children of the stars will eventually fade out. The video is scripted, directed and edited by the one and only Joe E. Deliverance, our very own video wizard.”

Watch the video below:

Astral Death Cult releases on 20 th September on vinyl (Lay Bare Recordings), cassette (Mercyful Tapes) and all digital platforms.

About – This vicious death cult feeds on dark astral energy and compresses it into what they call “döömer” – a unique Northern mix of stoner, doom, sludge, and psychedelic elements with
hints of death / black metal. The lyrical themes have evolved from mysticism, misanthropy, and anti-religiousness towards saluting the great forces of nature and the void that
surrounds us. DÖ has slowly but steadily grown the global congregation of döömernauts – through a series of independent releases and by touring around Finland and the Baltics, receiving praise from both fans and media.

Big Dog (Guitar)
Joe E. Deliverance (Drums)
Deaf Hank (Bass, vocals)
Hail Cosmos! We're all döömed!
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