WOM Interviews – Davide Pulito (The Metallist PR)

One of the essential parts of our scene is without any doubt, PR agencies. Not only they spread the word about new works from bands to the public as they serve as a link between bands and press. The Metallist PR is one of those essential part of the underground and we got hold of Davide Pulito, the main man behind it all.

Hello Davide and welcome to our World Of Metal. Walk us through your journey in heavy music. How did it all start and how The Metallist PR was born?

Hi Fernando and thanks for the space you’re giving to my agency. I listen to heavy music since I was 15. I got a cassette with a few Metallica songs on the B side (“Fuel”, “The Unforgiven II”, and “Enter Sandman”), while Green Day was on A-side. Then a classmate made one copy of Arch Enemy’s “Burning Bridges” and Dream Theater’s “Images & Words”. I never stopped listening to heavy stuff from that moment.

The Metallist PR (www.themetallistpr.com) was born as a hobby during the first lockdown. I worked 6-7 hours daily to build the press database and I found the first release to promote after one month. I started promoting bands all around the globe and working with labels too. Since July 1, 2021 The Metallist PR is a company giving and having satisfaction, doing turnover, and yeah – paying taxes.

What do you think that distinguishes The Metallist PR from all other PRs all around the world?

There are several distinguishing aspects. I write press releases in three different languages (English, German, and Italian); bands and labels are updated in real-time via private Facebook group – they don’t need to waste time in looking for press releases and reviews in Google, because I do it for them; the agency not only provides press PR, but also Spotify third-party playlists pitching, YouTube video promotion, social media marketing, and many other services that you can discover on the website. Last but not least, the informal and band-oriented approach: I am a musician from 24 years, I had my bad experiences with music industry “operators”, so I know how much it is important for bands to find a serious and reliable partner.

Do you think that the scene is currently overcrowded with labels, PRs and bands?

Surely there are many labels, PRs and bands on the market, but I don’t see it as a problem. Everyone should be free to make something that makes him happy and satisfied. The problem is in the number of “channels” that everyone has at disposal to communicate with the others. There are too many social networks, too many online stores. The offer is so sprawled that it’s difficult to keep track of everything and to learn about new music with the necessary time.

From a fellow metal fan to another, how hard is to make a living from music these days?

Honestly speaking, it is not hard, at least for me. Before doing PR, I was a salesman for 11 years, so I was already used to things like making business plans and customers care. A successful business is the result of passion, creativity, dedication, and clear ideas. If you have all of these elements, the results will come by themselves.

What are the main challenges you face in a regular day of work in The Metallist PR?

The main challenge is to be very well organized. If you do so, even when you have too much to do, your work will not be so as demanding as it seems.

What are your main objectives professionally?

I believe that an expansion of the business, including a wider staff, is something normal that will happen in the coming months. The important thing is to continue to be appreciated for the way I work. It would be a great satisfaction to become an international reference agency.

How do you think the music business will evolve?

I believe that the whole metal music industry should reach a higher level of professionalism, so that a climate of greater trust is created. I think it’s important to know what you want to do – whether you are a band, a label or a PR. In this sense, the pandemic gave an opportunity, enabling people to reflect on how important music was in their lives. I see more and more bands thinking by targets and it is a very important thing, so we just have to continue on this path.

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