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Swedish Rockers ALFAHANNE Release New Single «The Heavy Burden” Today

Swedish rockers Alfahanne are out with their new single “The Heavy Burden” today! This is the second single off the upcoming album “Atomvinter” (Eng.: nuclear winter), to be released on Oct 4th via Indie Recordings. Alfahanne are unique with their Alfapocalyptic dark and chilling rock and will make your head and foot move while causing shivers down your spine at the same time. There are no happy endings, no good news and the world is in ruins. With the very suitably titled new album “Atomvinter” (Eng.: nuclear winter), the Swedes have once more covered the earth in black smog. And we are thrilled!

The band has commented the single: “’The Heavy Burden’ is the first song by Alfahanne ever written in English. Alfahanne got fans all over the world, not understanding a word of the lyrics, and how it is to be part of the greatest rock band out there today. Let’s put it this way: it’s a heavy burden…”

You can hear it below:

When Swedish rockers Alfahanne burst onto the scene in 2010 it was with minds determined to bring back the danger to rock ‘n’ roll.  With the considerable experience they had gained over a couple of decades with other bands and playing what they themselves call “Alfapocalyptic Rock”, a mix of Black Metal, Classic Rock, Punk, Goth and, of course, good old rock ‘n’ roll, Alfahanne have created their own unique, high-octane style of music. A style that has earned them plaudits from critics and built them a considerable and ever-increasing fan base.

The five horsemen of the Alfapocalypse are back with their fourth journey towards total extinction, towards nothing at all. The death cult known as Alfahanne will take the listeners deeper into that never-ending void than ever before. Atomvinter gives you 9 tunes filled with blazing guitars, chanting vocals and danceable beats. A masterpiece.
Along the way they have joined forces with equals such as Hoest and Nag to form an alliance strong enough to bring down the world once again. The circle is complete, the clouds are gathering, everything that lives will die!

Band Members:
Pehr Skjoldhammer: Vocals, Guitar

Fredrik Sööberg: Guitar
Niklas Åström: Drums
Jimmy Wiberg: Bass
Stefan Eriksson: Keyboards

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Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir stream "Lift Me Up" - WOM Exclusive!

Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir release “TURNING TIDES” (EP) on September 27th, 2019. After an exciting 2018, the band returned to the studio at the top of 2019 with a batch of new songs, one of them “Lift Me Up” that you can hear below in a World Of Metal exclusive:

In an effort to break old habits and strive to evolve musically and lyrically, Brown found new inspiration in changes and experiences in his personal life, leading him to view the world through a new lens. Brown and his wife/band mate recently welcomed a baby girl into the world. This experience was one of the main lyrical inspirations for these songs. More specifically, it has been a time of extreme reflection and awareness. The songs are about love, partnership, searching for inner strength, dreams, and ultimately desiring to spread positive message. Phrases like “we got hope burning like fire,” and “lift me up / don’t hold me under / I got lightning veins / I got a rolling thunder,” display a new found sense of strength and confidence in Brown.

Always inspired by the work of Producers Brian Eno (U2), Daniel Lanois (U2), and David M. Allen (The Cure), Brown intentionally strives for big sound while creating a sense of space and beauty. This approach leaves room for words and messages to spread positive light, all while maintaining a sense of intimacy.

Entering the studio with sketches and templates, the songs reach new heights when members Tiffany Brown (Keys/Vocals), Adam Blake (Drums), Jason Legler (Bass), and Trent Nelson (Guitar) enter the equation. The musical language between these individuals becomes indescribable when they share the same space.

Producer Joe Richmond and Mastering Engineer Rueben Cohen of Lurssen Mastering round out the process of making “TURNING TIDES”.

And with that, the tides have turned.


TOXIKULL "Cursed and Punished" album details and new song out

The sophomore full-length album of TOXIKULL “Cursed and Punished” will be released by Metal on Metal Records on September 13th. Following their critically acclaimed 2018 EP “The Nightraiser”, the band returns with even stronger, heavier, faster and more aggressive songs, taking to the highest level the concepts of speed, heavy and thrash. The high-octane vocals, killer riffs and solos, tight rhythm section and genuine old school sound can’t go unnoticed. These Portuguese maniacs play evil heavy/speed metal that should appeal to all fans of JUDAS PRIEST, AGENT STEEL, RAM, MIDNIGHT PRIEST, ENFORCER, early HELLOWEEN and SCANNER, HELSTAR, EVIL INVADERS and MERCYFUL FATE.

The label has recently put the music video for the title track on their YouTube channel and now added also a static clip with the song “Killer Night” that you can listen below. The aforementioned songs plus “Rising Dust” can be streamed from the player on the band’s page.

Here’s the “Cursed and Punished” track list:

1. The Summoning Pit
2. Cursed and Punished
3. Sacred Whip
4. Killer Night
5. Helluminate
6. The Revival
7. Rising Dust
8. Dark Glory
9. Speed Blood Metal
10. In the Name of Evil

The cover artwork was painted by Velio Josto (Vulture, Enforcer, Ostrogoth, Bulldozing Bastard, Toledo Steel, Toxikull…). More details about the album and high-res cover can be found on the page of this release.

TOXIKULL “Cursed and Punished” CD is available for ordering from Metal on Metal Records’ website, while the digital download (in lossless formats) from the Bandcamp page. Later on, it will be distributed digitally by CD Baby and made available also from iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify and other retailers and streaming platforms.


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