WOM Streams – DEVIL MADE ME DO IT – “Her Majesty’s Pleasure” full album stream

Devil Made me Do It is a band from Athens, Greece that moves in metal / alternative paths. They started in 2013 as a studio project and ended in 2016 with a full line-up band. During 2016 they began recording their first full length album, ”Her Majesty’s Pleasure” which was finally released via Ikaros Records in 2019, that you can listen below. The band’s members are known for being involved in successful projects, such as Spitback and Elysion.

Her Majesty’s Pleasure” was recorded at Deffactory Studios, mix/mastered by Labros Kritsimas (Soundgarden Studios). The artwork was created by Chris Piel (DMDI guitarist).

Devil Made Me Do it online:



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