WOM Streams – Ismay – “The Stones” Premiere – Exclusive!

Ismay is back to World Of Metal after sharing with us their first videoclip (watch it here) and now the singer is back for a new song that we’re premiering in exclusive. Listen to “Stones” below:

Ismay comments about “The Stones” – “While on the Klamath River, I was out trying to record oral histories, and heard about this nylon string guitar player Rex. We drove down a dirt road on a cliff to what must have been one of the most remote towns in California, and all the while I was thinking about all of the questions I’d ask. We arrived to his house was which was hand-built, and waited patiently for several hours while he talked. Only after those hours of listening did he share that he wouldn’t be willing to talk on tape. But, he was willing to show us something very few people had seen. So he brought us into the bedroom, and opened a box. There were a few plain looking rocks, and he explained he had found this unique rock right here on the Klamath, and then revealed what was so special–after turning on a special light, you could see what looked like galaxies of stars there in the stones.”

Songs of Sonoma Mountain- TRACKLISTING
01. A Song in Praise of Sonoma Mountain
02. The Stones
03. The 100 Mile View from Virginia City
04. When I Was Younger, I Cried
05. The Bird in the Shed
06. In the Hospital Room
07. Sonoma Mountain Theme
08. On Leaving Sonoma Mountain
09. The Song of the Mourning Dove Spoken Word
10. The Song of the Mourning Dove

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