Belphegor release digital single and lyric video

The diabolical Death/Black Metal troop BELPHEGOR have released their debut new single entitled ‘Baphomet’ just in time for the “TOTENRITUAL” pre-order launch. The track can be heard and watched in the form of a lyric video below:
‘Baphomet’ is a track off the upcoming, highly-anticipated eleventh BELPHEGOR record entitled “TOTENRITUAL”, which will be released on 15th September, worldwide!
Helmuth comments: “This LP is the most brutally heavy offering we have consecrated thus far, everything pushes the limits of anything we have done before. It is highly appreciated when people enjoy our legacy, the possession, the magick surrounding and within BELPHEGOR! ‘Baphomet’, is a brutal neck-breaking hellride. Push play and crank your speakers to the max!!”
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