Conan Announce New Album Details

Two years after the remarkable Revengeance, CONAN once more leave us astounded with a previously unknown side to dual vocal sludge. The British trio presents a tar monster named Existential Void Guardian that seems even more menacing as soon as it gets high on its own downtuned groove frenzy.

The album will be released on September 14 via Napalm Records.

Pre order Existential Void Guardian HERE!

01 Prosper On The Path
02 Eye To Eye To Eye
03 Paincantation
04 Amidst The Infinite
05 Volt Thrower
06 Vexxagon
07 Eternal Silent Legend
08 BONUS: Total Conquest (live 2018 @ Rebellion Manchester)
09 BONUS: Satsumo (live 2018 @ Rebellion Manchester)
10 BONUS: Foehammer (live 2018 @ Rebellion Manchester)
11 BONUS: Hawk As Weapon (live 2018 @ Rebellion Manchester)

Existential Void Guardian will be available as:
1 CD Digipack
2 LP Gatefold black
2 LP Gatefold gold (Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive)
2 LP Gatefold dark green (Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive)
Digital Album

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