Cryptex performing Savatage’s hymn ‘Gutter Ballet

There are songs that last for and influence whole generations. And there are bands that do not only cover them but rather find an outstanding way to make them their own – so that an interpretation like this sometimes becomes so much more than just a cover version. And there are really impressive examples of this – like the one CRYPTEX gave with an epic version of SAVATAGE’s ‘Gutter Ballet’ at this year’s 70000Tons Of Metal Cruise, where they amazed several metalheads (and themselves) with how much this song seemed to be made for the band around singer Simon Moskon. CRYPTEX thereby inspire with a progressive passion that to date seemed to be a unique feature of Savatage.
But this must not remain an exclusive experience for selected sailors. And so the band now recorded a live session video of their version of this masterpiece just before the start of their autumn tour. This first result of the threepart Rain Shelter Sessions can now be watched, admired and shared below:
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