Death/Thrash Metal Band Vilemass to release debut EP and new video out!

Extreme Metal Music is more than excited to announce the signing of the death/thrash metal band VILEMASS! Hailing from south of Italy, Vilemass are coming out with their first EP “Drilled by Bullets” on Extreme Metal Music (division of Rockshots Records) right before the first full-length.
If you are into Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, you cannot miss this newcomer extreme metal band by tasting their first EP as appetizer for the debut album!
“Vilemass is the hatred that we feel for all that are mummy and slaves of the false flags. Vilemass is an outlet valve to remain with open Eyes.”
Drilled by Bullets will be out on June 23, 2017 via Extreme Metal Music/Rockshots Records!
01. Vulgar Religion
02. Drilled by Bullets
03. Illuminati
04. War Machine
05. Trapped
06. Lizard Law
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