DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER – reveal the cover artwork and the track listing!

“Der Rote Reiter” (engl.: “The Red Rider”), the tenth studio album of DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER will be released in summer 2017.
But now, the band already reveals the cover as well as the track listing of the new album! Vocalist Fuchs, who has also drawn the stunning artwork of the last album, has created the cover artwork for the upcoming album which you can see above. As template for the artwork a wooden relief from 2016 was used, which he created. You can find the wooden relief on the website of Fuchs: www.fuchsstellung.de
Below is the tracklisting:
1. Wir Sind Zurück
2. Der Rote Reiter
3. Auf Und Nieder
4. Folgt Uns
5. Hört Mich An
6. The Great Experience Of Ectasy
7. Franz Weiss
8. Die Freiheit Ist Eine Pflicht
9. Herz In Flammen
10. Brüder Auf Leben Und Tod
11. Ich Bin Weg
12. Ich Nehm Dir Deine Welt
13. Ich Werd Bleiben
Last weekend, an exclusive listening session of the new album took place. The band streamed the opener ‘Wir Sind Zurück’ of the upcoming album live from the listening session on their facebook page! You can watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/Reitermania/
“Der Rote Reiter” was produced by the band and co-producers Alexander Dietz (HEAVEN SHALL BURN) and Eike Freese (DEEP PURPLE, KAI HANSEN) at Chameleon Recording (Chemical Burn Studios).
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