Imperium Dekadenz victim of Mexican plagiarizers ISON

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ have been the victim of Mexican plagiarizers ISON (not to be confused with the Swedish ISON). Not only did the band perform official tracks from IMPERIUM DEKADENZ under their own flag, they also planned to release IMPERIUM DEKADENZ‘s entire full length “Meadows of Nostalgia” under the false name of “The Outsiders”. The Mexican exploiters did not even bother to re-record their theft, but were under the impression that a simple song name-change would do the trick.

The band comments:

“Hello everyone,
During our conquest with IMPERIUM DEKADENZ, we have seen and witnessed about everything that is imaginable – but what we have encountered now sinks brazenness to a new low.The lame plagiarizers of the Mexican band ISON are obviously trying to desperately built their ‘career’ by using OUR songs! This beggars believe, but this ‘band’ does not only try to play IMPERIUM DEKADENZ songs under false flag live, but they even released an album called ‘The Outsiders’, which features our original recordings! They now deleted their Facebook-Page and most of the YouTube videos, but they will not stop performing live. They are cheating on you and the whole metal-scene! 

A warning to those shameless exploiters of of our creativity and liars, ISON: Don’t mess around with IMPERIUM DEKADENZ! Our label and lawyers are informed. Your time is up! We will make sure, your fraud will be exposed. To our supporters and everyone who believes in art: Please let them know your thoughts on theft of intellectual property! Spread the word!”

Thank you for your attention!
Horaz & Vespasian

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