New Vocalist Joins Caedeous – Rosmerta

Caedeous just announced that Rosmerta has joined as a core member of the team in the role of mezzo soprano vocalist for studio and live performances. You will have the opportunity to watch her singing on Caedeous third studio album “Malum Supplicium” and also on the upcoming pre-recorded live event to be released this fall of 2022 / first trimester of 2023.

Furthermore Rosmerta will perform on all upcoming shows and future albums of Caedeous.

As for Rosmerta, she is a Welsh Mezzo-Soprano vocalist and lyricist. She specialises in Metal, New Age/Celtic and Soundtrack/Cinematic Trailer Music. She has been professionaly trained in a broad range of styles and is always passionate to deliver an astonishing and polished vocal product.

Her recent collaborations include works by, Riccardo Tristano Tuis, Mystic Euphoria Project, Coldbound, Amir Munawar, IronScore, Raven Invicta, and Dali Argui.

In addition to these projects she has have also been a Guest/Backing Vocalist for AngelNation in the album “Aeon” (2017), “Blood Red Soul” (2017) Michael Bruckner “All the pieces fit forever” (2017), “Coldbound” (2020) and Norwald “Rak Rak” (2020)

You can listen some of her portfolio on the follow official links below:


Agora na Google Play Store

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