Nick Noro and Pan’s Emissaries Join Forces for Forthcoming Split Release

California eccentric NICK NORO has joined forces with Hesher Rock ‘N Rollers PAN’S EMISSARIES for a forthcoming self-titled split release. Comprised of PAN’S EMISSARIES self-titled EP and NICK NORO‘s Fuck Living EP, the July 28 release will be available on digital and cassette tape formats. 
The cassette can be pre-ordered from either of the group’s Bandcamp pages below. The digital version of the EPs that comprise each side can be pre-ordered separately as well.
PAN’S EMISSARIES s/t EP digital pre-order and “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes” stream:
NICK NORO‘s Fuck Living EP digital pre-order and “Wall to Wall Carpeting” song stream:
 Pan’s Emissaries/Nick Noro Track Listing:
Side A: Pan’s Emissaries
1. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes
2. The Quest
3. Blacked Out
4. Psychedelic Renegade
5. Millenium Falcon
6. The Golden Fleece
7. The Land of Oaks
8. The Darkness
Side B: Fuck Living EP
9. Wall to Wall Carpeting
10. Summer
11. Ira Addictio
12. Reddit Gold / Blind & Blinded
13. I’m Gonna Kill Myself
14. White Male Privilege
15. Outro
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