North Hammer – Debut ‘Stormcaller’ is out

“Thou camest near the next, The warrior Thor! Shouldering thy hammer, in thy chariot drawn, Swaying the long-hair’d goats with silver’d rein. “

From  Balder Dead


North Hammer  is a Folk Metal band that hails from Canada. Taking inspiration from  EnsiferumWintersun  and  Amon Amarth . They have recently released their, ten-tracks, debut ‘Stormcaller’. The album has an over-arching story that describes the trials of a hero in a Nordic fantasy setting. The album has been rearranged in order to appeal to the broader audience.



✓ Avatar
✓ Wanderer
✓ Written in the Stars
✓ Magic Mead
✓ Tip of the Spear
✓ Soldier’s Song
✓ Black Forest Rain
✓ Spellbinder
✓ North Hammer
✓ Lion’s Winter


Stream the album on Bandcamp .

[bandcamp width = 100% height = 120 album = 4268129111 size = large bgcol = ffffff linkcol = 0687f5 tracklist = false artwork = small]


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