River Black stream third new album track

are releasing the third hard hitting track taken from their self-titled
debut album, ‘River Black’, which has been scheduled for release on July 7th.
The American modern metal pioneers in the wake of BURNED BY THE SUN are
now streaming the song “Boat” and you can hear it below
RIVER BLACK vocalist
Mike Olender comments: “Our song ‘Boat’ addresses the challenge that
humanity faces to do the right thing for the right reasons. We all
aspire to be better people than we are – and few people genuine think
that they are a bad person, because we all have our ways of justifying
our feelings and our behaviors to ourselves. Our paths are ultimately
dictated by the fragility of the human spirit and our instinct to
survive. Fate has a way of setting the stage for where we will go and
who we are. Simply put, there’s little use escaping human nature.
Lyrically, this song is a bridge between where BURNT BY THE SUN
dissolved and this new project began.”

Artwork and track-list of ‘River Black’ can be viewed below.
1. Jaws
2. Honor
3. Low
4. Shipwreck
5. River Black
6. South by South
7. Boat
8. Move
9. #Victim
10. Haunt
11. Sink
12. Everywhere

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