Riverside New album “Wasteland” out now

Polish Rock masters RIVERSIDE are releasing their seventh studio album “Wasteland” via InsideOutMusic. RIVERSIDE’s Mariusz Duda checked in with the following comment:

”28th of September will see the release of an album, which for me is the finale of quite a painful journey, the last part of a private trilogy about surviving and trying to find yourself in a new reality. It’s the third album I’ve done in one year, and when I’m thinking, “three albums in a year”, it does seem a little crazy. Lunatic Soul’s “Fractured”, released on October 6th 2017, was a kind of projection of myself at some point in the future. I was “fractured” but already put together again. I have to admit that I was cheating a little. I was not put together at all. Released on May 25th this year, Lunatic Soul’s “Under the Fragmented Sky” was closer to the current state of affairs and the track “Untamed” became my new credo. “Wasteland” by Riverside is a return to the place I had wanted to erase from my memory, ignore and, in general, not think about too much. After “Walking on a Flashlight Beam” by Lunatic Soul, an album about depression and suicide, I didn’t want to go into darkness again. That’s why Riverside’s “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” was all pastel and as far from the blackness as possible. I was a little afraid to go back to the gloom even on “Fractured” and “Under the Fragmented Sky”. And so it’s not until “Wasteland” that we finally get the fulfilment of what I was singing about in “Battlefield” and “Moving On”.

In the music of Riverside, as well as that of Lunatic Soul, emotions are the most important aspect for me. All the rest is superficial, more or less polished, it attracts or puts off only those who think they are in the know. Thanks to all of you who have stood by our side, by my side for the past few years. Thanks for taking the journey together and for your understanding. I hope you’ll like “Wasteland”.


“That day is coming
I know that you are calling to me
I don’t want you to make me wait too long
It’s time to get on the road.“

Check out the three singles launched so far for “Wasteland”:
“River Down Below”:
“Vale Of Tears”:
The various editions and limitations of the vinyl release are as follows:

Black 2LP+CD: Unlimited
Clear 2LP+CD: 100x copies / IOM Webshop Europe (Sold out!)
Silver 2LP+CD: 100x copies / IOM Webshop Europe (Sold out!)
Golden 2LP+CD: 100x copies / Laser’s Edge – IOM Webshop USA (Sold out!)
Lilac 2LP+CD: 200x copies / JPC  Germany (Sold out!)
Dark Green 2LP+CD: 300x copies / Burning Shed UK (Sold out!)
White 2LP+CD: 300x copies / CM Distro Europe (Sold out!)

See all formats pictured above and order “Wasteland“ from the IOM webstore here:
Or from other locations here:

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