Screaming Beast (UK) – Debut ‘Our New Narrative of Hate’ is out

Our New Narrative of Hate is the debut, full-length, release of the UK Heavy Metal Band Screaming Beast. The Album is the follow-up of 2 EPs, Blistering Lies (2014)To Assail and Conquer (2015) and released on March 23rd, 2018.

Musically speaking, Our New Narrative of Hate is a Ten tracks’ pack, delivering forty-five minutes of stomping groove, blended with powerful breakdowns and dueling guitar harmonies. The way double kicking has teamed up with Jason’s lines gives extra points on the overall aggression of the album!

Looping debut gave me an always-on, “what’s coming next?”, feeling as these guys have successfully avoided repetition and the usage of fillers.

Really loved the changes between distorted and clean atmosphere, the vocal range plus the amount of reverb, which is my thing, but this is me! I hope you enjoy the album and stop by the band’s merch stand to show your love and support.


Opinions by Kostas Dahmer





✓ This Dawn This Day
✓ World with Fate
✓ Giving into Fear
✓ Silent Submission
✓ Despair
✓ Lost and Betrayed
✓ This Fray
✓ Society of Slaves
✓ The Nameless
✓ Reborn


Check below the latest video release of the band for “Despair”



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