WOM Tops – Top 20 Black/Death Metal Albums 2021

Malice Divine, Stortregn, Withering Soul, Illt, Rejekts, Lvcifyre, Huronian, Cold And Deceased, Bohemyst, Oxygen Destroyer, Saille, Codex Mortis, The Throne, Wolf King, Balmog, Altarage, Withered, Noctambulist, Entroping Awakening, Labored Breath

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Álbum do Mês – Setembro 2021

Perfect World, Heathen Rites, Rage, Sons Of Alpha Centauri, Graceful, Runespell, Illt, Whyzdom, Glasgow Coma Scale, Dawn Of A Dark Age, Pil And Bue, The Sun Or Moon, Brainstorm, Horte, Rise To The Sky, Skepticism, Portrait, Thyrfing, Osi And The Jupiter, Mono

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