WOM Tops – Top 20 Heavy Metal Albums 2020

Lords Of Black / Wolftooth / Serious Black / Wanderer / Ironflame / Wallop / Haunt / Cloven Hoof / Primal Fear / Cirith Ungol / Armored Saint / Traveler / Lady Beast / Divine Weep / Els Focs Negres / Stallion / Ironsword / Raven / Satan’s Fall / Spirit Adrift

Lords Of Black, Wolftooth, Serious Black, Wanderer, Ironflame, Wallop, Haunt, Cloven Hoof, Primal Fear, Cirith Ungol, Armored Saint, Traveler, Lady Beast, Divine Weep, Els Focs Negres, Stallion, Ironsword, Raven, Satans Fall, Spirit Adrift

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O Álbum do MêsTops

Album Of The Month – February 2020

Album Of The Month, Berzerker Legion, Deliverance, Depraved, Dyscordia, Frayle, HEAT, Ironsword, Izthmi, Jordablod, Justify Rebellion, Kawir, Leeched, Mavorim, Mindless Sinner, Nightfear, Pyogenesis, ReMachined, Thy Catafalque, Vulcano, WeSellTheDead,

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A Hora do Heavy Mental EP 90 – Tristan & Isolde

Radio show dedicated to the more tradicional sound – heavy metal, hard rock, power metal – , every friday from

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