WOM Tops – Top 20 Technic Death Metal Albums 2021

Obscura, Burial In The Sky, Pestilence, Colosso, Brilliant Coldness, Ophidian I, Unflesh, Siderean, Ænigmatum, Dead Exaltation, Intonate, Cognizance, Reaping Asmodeia, Deception, Deviant Process, Redemptor, Atrae Bilis, Catharsis, Cathexis, Colossus

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O Álbum do Mês

Álbum do Mês – Julho 2021

Passéisme, Inhuman Architects, Psychic Hit, Electric Haze, Loch Vostok, Diabolizer, Hysterese, 10.000 Years, Cavern Deep, Marras, Exil, Siderean, Maitreya, Year Of No Light, Impavid Colossus, Starlight Ritual, Amnessia Eterna, Lustmord, Karin Park, At The Gates

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