The End A.D. post new video and, reveal album artwork

Philly’s finest THE END A.D. will release their debut album “Scorched Earth” on August 25, 2017 via Massacre Records! The album was mixed by Mike Bossier, and mastered by John Fachet. The artwork has been created by Chris Cold.
The official video for the single “Infinite Jest”, directed by Marc Brodzik (Woodshop Films) and edited by Andrew Geller, is available for your viewing and listening pleasure below
THE END A.D.‘s new album “Scorched Earth” is already available for physical pre-order in selected online stores, and is available for an attractive ‘Newcomer Price’.
THE END A.D. also introduced its new line-up in late June: Taking over the vocal duties from now on is Ami Friend, and bassist Paul Orkin also joined drummer Lorin Savadove and guitarist Paul Juestrich. Vocalist Otto Luck, bassist Dave Carr as well as guitarist John Plumley have left the band due to personal reasons.
The upcoming album “Scorched Earth” features Otto Luck on vocals, Lorin Savadove on drums, the guitarists John Plumley and Paul Juestrich as well as bassist Dave Carr.
The band plans to shoot a video for the single “When Wolf-Spiders Ruleth The Land” soon, thus introducing the new line-up the world!
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