The Midnight Ghost Train Premiere Video For ‘Tonight’

On July 28th the wait is finally over, as Kansas’ blues rockers THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN will return with their brand new album ‘Cypress Ave.’! This impulsive trifecta torch dark’n’dirty Southern Rock with a massive dose of the Blues, Sludge and Funk, while also showing a new side of themselves like you have never heard the band before. ‘Cypress Ave.’ will not just please fans of THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN but will enthrall and impress new fans as well. ‘Cypress Ave.’! is THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN‘s most diverse and surprising album to date!
Now the band fronted by the mighty blues vocalist Steve Moss, has released a brand new and stunning video for the song ‘Tonight’.  The video fantastically represents the entire album vibe and spirit of a unique city. Take a walk and drift in the streets of New York and watch THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN‘s new video below:
“Getting a chance to produce a video like this was an absolute blast.” Says band mastermind Steve Moss “We were tired of seeing all the same type of rock videos out there; so we decided to mix heavy rock with tap dance. It’s an unconventional idea, and a big risk we took to mold these different styles together, but it worked out so well. This is our favorite music video we have done thus far.” Thank you to Reggie TapMan Myers for killing it for us.”

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