Urban Tales New Album – “Reborn”

 Urban Tales Release Third Album of Originals REBORN

The Portuguese music project Urban Tales, is preparing to release the songs of the successor of Loneliness still is the friend, and its third album of originals titled Reborn, already in January of 2018.

“The idea is to start already in January and practically from month to month, to launch the songs of the album, and in this way to make the listener become habitable to each one”, emphasizes the vocalist and composer Marcos César.  Now through the label MR Diffusion, the band will be released, via online, through digital stores and later, a special physical edition, with many extras and unique songs.  The singles already released (The Name of Love, The Start and All Said and Done) will have new mixes, and many of the songs will have special guests yet to be released.

The successor of Diary of a No (2007) and Loneliness still is the friend (2011), Reborn, is a conceptual album that tells a story interconnected, from first to last music and that covers varied styles and sonorities; just as it is sung in Portuguese and English.

The first song of the album to be released already on January 8, is called “A Loucura no Amor” and has a special participation yet to be released.


Urban Tales


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