WOM Exclusive – Caedeous Anounces Live Studio Stream

Caedeous started the recordings of a live studio performance for a future event to be streamed pre-recorded and offered as a special event youtube video titled “Aeterna Aenigmata”, the setlist will include songs of the upcoming 3rd album “Malum Supplicium” 2023 and 2nd already released in 2022 album “Obscurus Perpetua”. This teaser video from the recordings for the live studio performance features Paulo J. Mendes and Douglas Melchiades performing guitars and keyboards / orchestrations for the track “Cruxis Inferni” from the upcoming 3rd studio album “Malum Supplicium”.

Caedeous also advances that the announcement of the italian official drummer will be coming in the next weeks, as the mistery behind the drummer which was advanced in World of Metal previous live interview. The live studio performance, marks the departure of Caedeous as full studio project to a live mode band, previously announced by Paulo J. Mendes, also on World of Metal interviewthat you can see below:


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