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AMORPHIS – new ‘Amongst Stars’ music video

»Queen Of Time«, the latest offering of melancholic progressive metallers AMORPHIS, is out TODAY via Nuclear Blast! In addition, the band unveils the music video of the third single ‘Amongst Stars’ featuring Anneke van Giersbergen. Watch it now, below:

Esa Holopainen comments: “‘Amongst Stars’ turned out as one of the most solid songs on the album. The song itself was not the easiest one to work with. We tried a lot of different variations during the pre-production and finally Jens‘ co-producer friend Per Aldeheim came up with these great vocal lines and idea for an duetto. We have been privileged to work with Anneke before so it was pretty clear to ask her to help us out with the song. As everyone knows her voice is more than stunning and she is surrounded by incredibly positive aura. As a result we have a really beautiful and catchy duetto where both singers do unbelievable work. We are extremely happy that Anneke was available during the time of our recordings and it was great to get her to the video as well. Lucky us.”

And Anneke van Giersbergen adds: “When AMORPHIS asked me to participate in a song for their new album, I immediately said yes without having to listen to it first because I knew it would be good. But when they sent it to me to start working on it and I was totally blown away! It‘s such a powerful and melodic song, I am proud to be part of it. The video for this song is equally epic. The guys of AMORPHIS look and sound fantastic and I am truly happy to ride with them on this journey towards their new album.”

Order »Queen Of Time« in various formats or digitally, here:

SPITEFUEL: Second video from Dreamworld Collapse!

After the phenomenal release of Dreamworld Collapse, Spitefuel’s innovative concept album – that went from the studio straight through the roof – it is time for a new video. As the successor of the first video (Brick By Brick) the band chose the rebellious metal track Under Fire to create a powerful outer space story that visually reminds us of last century’s first approaches on spectacular sci-fi battles – hello nostalgia! Underlined by the crunchy heavy metal sounds of Under Fire, the video turns out to be a humorous piece of art:

Frontman Stefan Zörner concludes: “Under Fire is partly an introduction to the futuristic world of Dreamworld Collapse but also a tribute to the trashy sci-fi flicks of the 70s and 80s…and it proves, that we primarily have one thing: a lot of fun with it!”

Spitefuel online:

BLACK HAWK – video for “Scream In The Night“ released

BLACK HAWK has released a video for the song “Scream In The Night”. That song is on the album “The End Of The World”, which was released May 19th, 2017 via PURE UNDERGROUND RECORDS. The Album is available as CD and Download.


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