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ANTHRAX – unleash ‘Indians’ video from “Kings Among Scotland”

ANTHRAX‘s long-awaited live-in-concert DVD »Kings Among Scotland« is just a couple of weeks away from its April 27 release date. After presenting two trailers over the past few days, it’s time to unveil another musical excerpt of the package today. Watch ‘Indians’ now, here:

Pre-order »Kings Among Scotland« in various formats, here:


CHABTAN – Never Ending Pain video released

The release of “Nine Levels”, the new album from french deathmetal/deathcore masters Chabtan, is in a few days now. Below you can listen to a new lyric video for the track “Never Ending Pain” from the album “Nine Levels”

“Nine Levels” is a concept album, mixing Mayan Mythologies and History. CHABTAN invites you to follow beyond death the destiny of the last Maya King, Ajaw Kan’Ek, Great Chief of the Itzas, son of the Sun, descendant of God Kukulkan himself. He who ruled over the city of Nojpetén, on an island of Lac Petén lost in the Guatemala’s jungle, upon its destruction by the spanish conquistadores in 1698, travels now among the deads. As Dante in Catholic’s culture, Kan’Ek crosses a terrifying Inframonde, full of Demons and Gods of his own, haunted by ghosts of his past. Facing his fears, his failures, his torments, will the Last Maya King sink into madness or will he accomplish his royal destiny?

CIRCLE OF SILENCE release new video clip

Watch out, CIRCLE OF SILENCE‘s new single “Wild Eyes” is here for your viewing and listening pleasure

The official video was once again produced by emefka.bewegtbildmanufaktur, just like the previous video for the single “The Crimson Throne” ( The lyric video for the song “Lionheart” is available on

CIRCLE OF SILENCE’s new album “The Crimson Throne” – out on April 27th via Massacre Records – will also be available as a limited edition vinyl LP, strictly limited to 300 copies. You can pre-order the album here »

“The Crimson Throne” is once again full of uncompromising power metal. Thrashy up-tempo songs collide with infectious double bass tracks, which are forming the foundation of the band’s fastest and heaviest album so far. It was mixed and mastered by Kai Stahlenberg at Kohlekeller Studio B. Francisco Garcés (a.k.a. Dibujante nocturno) has created the stunning cover artwork.


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