WOM Features – Army Of Primitives And Djuri Boot Share the New Single & Official Video for “The Fallen God of Everything”!

ARMY OF PRIMITIVES, the metal project of the movie director Titus Paar (better known for the Nr. 1 NETFLIX US Openers movie “The Perfect Weapon“ starring Steven Seagal in the main role), is back with a new track in collaboration with his brother in arms, the film composer Djuri Boot. The new track is called “The Fallen God of Everything” and is accompanied by an official video, available ahead of its release date here on World of Metal!

“The Fallen God of Everything” has its core in a genuine thrash-oriented riff and an epic chorus. The whole experience is seasoned with Titus Paar’s harsh vocals, orchestrations, and a well-composed guitar solo.

This time we wanted to create something more riff-based with a classic song structure, rather than the orchestra-centric style of the debut track “Rise Against the Giant.” We still aimed to be in the metal-meets-cinema vein that the collaboration is about, but this time we wanted to make our “Unforgiven” and let the storytelling take a bigger part of the song, whereas the previous track was more of a Black Metal Bohemian Rapsody tale.

The sweet spot for me about this video is that it is the last thing Hollywood legend Bo Brundin ever did. He was an icon in the golden era of Hollywood, starring in movies like ‘The Great Waldo Pepper’ alongside Robert Redford, ‘Meteor’ opposite Sean Connery, and ‘Rich Man, Poor Man.’ He was a great friend, and this is the last piece of film he did before he passed. So for that reason, it’s very special to me. I’m also really proud of the lyrics, this are the best I have written. Working with Djuri is so humbling, I have never met a more versatile musician and the guitar solo he did blow me away.  It was a blaze to finally make a song with my long time friend Andreas Rylander (Power Tiger) too, he really lifted this song to new heights.

Titus Paar, being a Hollywood director, always makes his videos something extra special. This time we follow Bo Brundin as a god who has lost control over the world he created and feels hunted by the time running out. The video and song were created in symbiosis to showcase Paar and Boot’s cinematic side and won’t leave anyone unafected.


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