WOM Features – Attempt To Somebody’s Life New Video “Phony Oxygen” – Exclusive Premiere!

Photo by Serena Buzzi

Italian alternative metal band Attempt To Somebody’s Life is going to release its debut single, entitled “Phony Oxygen”, on October 28th. Today World of Metal exclusively premieres the video – watch it here:

“Phony Oxygen” largely consists of hypnotic vocal lines reminiscent of Deftones, only to then explode into a pulsating bass and a guitar riff inspired by Staind‘s early albums. As the band stated, the song “expresses the feeling we have when we try to breath, but it’s like nothing’s coming in. A child, rationally, tries to analyze the origin of that feeling. A passion, as a force, that bears another feeling: anger. For this reason there’s a compulsive/corrosive riff, a flow of ambient sounds, a delicate crescendo voice and a final explosion.

Anger and the need to fight for one’s life are represented in the video by Martina Righi, who in 2022 won the title of Italian lightweight boxing champion.

Attempt To Somebody’s Life is an anthem of radical change to a vital resets. It arises from the survival instinct of 4 individuals who had set aside music and are now grabbed by the hair and pulled back into it. Because passion is a flame that cannot be tamed; it may dwindle almost to disappearance, lie dormant, but ultimately, it reignites and burns again!

“Phony Oxygen” was recorded and mixed at Grs. Mastered by Tommy Bianchi at White Sound studios.


Ruth Maddison – Vocals, Guitar

Edoardo Battistini – Guitar

Leonardo Santoni – Bass

Jep Munk – Drums



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