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BAEST – launch ‘Ego Te Absolvo’ single / video

Danish death metallers BAEST proudly present you ‘Ego Te Absolvo’, the third single taken from their forthcoming debut album “Danse Macabre”. Set for release on August 17th, 2018 on Century Media Records, “Danse Macabre” offers an intense Messe Macabre uniting influences from the likes of Bloodbath, Dismember, Bolt Thrower, Entombed and 90’s Morbid Angel.


BAEST comments:

“Ego Te Absolvo – I absolve you. (Mortui Vivos Docent. Learn from the dead.)
The last track of “Danse Macabre” frees the human shell from its shackles, and condemns its pathetic remains to eternal solstice. Prophecies and promises crushed by thundering truth. Heresy is forever.”

Filmed by Jens Karlsson and Lasse Rønne at several shows and also edited by Lasse Rønne, the ‘Ego Te Absolvo’ video throws you right into the explosive live shows of BAEST, bringing their ferocious Messe Macabre straight to your home – crank it up!

“Danse Macabre” will be released as 180 gram vinyl plus CD, as jewelcase CD, and on all digital platforms. Apart from regular black vinyl, the following limited editions / bundles are available:


200x transparent green – BAEST exclusive

100x gold and 200x silver –

100x transparent red – Headbangr Edition, available alongside an exclusive t-shirt bundle via

All presales can be viewed here: 

Tonzonen Records: THE CLOUDS WILL CLEAR New Album Recollection Of What Never Was

The Clouds Will Clear is an instrumental post-rock band from Germany founded in 2013. The four members (Angelo, Tobias, Gerold and Andreas) create a sound that falls between lush post- rock, organic ambient and ethereal cinematic soundscapes with a hint of electronica (Echoes and Dust). Delicate radio voice recordings add to an experience that is quite distinctive.

Combining guitars, bass, drums, synths and samples The Clouds Will Clear offer subtle patterns of layered guitars alongside with electronic sounds and backed by a rhythm section heavily mirroring these delicate tensions created by melodic instruments. The band is inspired by a range of different artists from This Will Destroy You andRussian Circles to Boards of Canada. The Clouds Will Clear’s live performance is complemented by visuals providing nature and urban imagery. This engaging sonic and visual journey lets you immerse into another world.

In spring 2014, The Clouds Will Clear released their self-titled debut EP – this output was the result of Angelo and Tobi sharing a variety of instrumental duties in a studio set-up as a duo. With the objective to bring their sound on stage, a four-piece line-up was formed and a series of live performances followed in 2014-2016. After a creative hiatus and with a new drummer, who also took over the role as visual artist, the band recorded their first full-length album Recollection Of What Never Was due out September 21, 2018 via Tonzonen Records.



1. In Cycles
2. Recollection
3. Before The Tempest
4. Attack Warning
5. Deep Sea Mining



Label Official:

Swedish Blackened Death metaller Night Crowned debut EP Humanity will echo out will arrive November 30 featuring new single “No Room For Hope

Swedish Blackened Death metallter Night Crowned debut EP Humanity will echo out will arrive November 30 featuring new single “No Room For Hope

In the frozen vasts of Europe’s northernmost realms, a new slithering seed is festering at the heart of the Swedish scene – NIGHT CROWNED. A spawn formed from an unholy communion between current and previous members of the underground elite such as The Crown, Dark Funeral, Nightrage and Cipher System, this infestation is set to grow from a rumoured disease into a full-scale pandemic.


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