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Cloak premiere third song of forthcoming album

CLOAK are releasing the third whipping song taken from their forthcoming album, To Venomous Depths, which is scheduled for release on November 10th. The track “Forever Burned” is now exclusively streaming below:

CLOAK have previously released the artwork of To Venomous Depths‘, which has been created by Adrian Baxter and can be viewed together with the track-list below.


1. To Venomous Depths / Where No Light Shines (7:53)
2. Within the Timeless Black (6:56)
3. The Hunger (6:10)
4. Beyond the Veil (6:42)
5. Death Posture (4:06)
6. In the Darkness, the Path (6:33)
7. Forever Burned (6:12)
8. Passage (2:47)
9. Deep Red (10:05)

Total playing time: 57:24

KATLA: public sneak preview for their epic song Dulsmál
from coming album Móðurástin online now

Katla say they had a ‘huge luxury problem’ when choosing the 3rd and last song to preview from their upcoming album Móðurástin. They managed to narrow it down to two totally different songs but then decided to go with the closing song of the album, Dulsmál, that can now be watched below

Sercati Releases “A Cold Night Among Angels” Music Video

Steve Fabry from Sercati is proud to unleash the video for the song “A Cold Night Among Angels”. “A Cold Night Among Angels” is the new song from The Nightstalker, in collaboration with Sercati, to introduce another character from their universe : The Sergent Matennen. The band is sponsored by IK multimedia and for this song they used keyboard sounds from theSYNTRONIK, a cutting-edge virtual synthesizer.


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