WOM Features – Formosa – “Horns Up” New Video!

Photo by Angelina Ouchani
Formosa is about to release their fourth album and you can already hear new music, now that they’ve unleashed the single “Horns Up” that you can watch below:

Comments the band: “For the video we went to the most epic and rad tattoo studio in our city. Lots of obscurities and crazy people. We shot the video just the way we like it. With not too many plans. But with lots of drinks. Basically a party with our friends.”

The new album from Formosa is like a new beginning for the band. After the Corona pandemic the guys give full throttle and deliver ten strong tunes! With the songs and the sound of the record, the band reinvents it-self without losing itself. “It feels like a new start, a new era” says singer Nik Bird. Formosa’s music has evolved, some of the songs have become heavier and faster, but overall each one is still melodic and catchy. The production as well as the songwriting are on a top level so that Formosa present their best album.

“We are very happy with the new album! We really have put our heart and soul in this record in the last months between all the tours ” Nik Beer, guitarist. “We have managed to stay true to ourselves and yet not to tread water. We are very proud of the record and now we are curious what the rest of the world thinks” Paris Jay, drummer. Besides the new record, Formosa is currently showing what they can do live! The album is self-released by Formosa through their own label “Metalmosa”.

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