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HELLOWEEN release live single/video “Pumpkins United”

In the meantime everyone is clued in: From October 4th, 2019 we can all revisit thePUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR every night without even leaving the couch. What is served, is no less than the greatest hits from 30 years and a breakneck trip through the entire HELLOWEEN repertoire – a 14 month metal quake, featured on the cover of almost every metal magazine including the world’s biggest metal magazine, Japan´s »BURRN!«, which dedicated an unbelievable four cover stories to this tour. In other words: Clear the ring for the next round of PUMPKINS UNITED madness!

Now the band presents their first single, as well as the live video for the track ‘Pumpkins United’
Watch the video below:

Get the song digitally here: 
»United Alive« & »United Alive In Madrid« – The video- & audio-releases
With the releases of »UNITED ALIVE« & »UNITED ALIVE IN MADRID« on Nuclear Blast, the band presents stunning audio and visuals of the epic tour. Every single solo, every spontaneous gesture, and every emotional encore of the PUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR is evoked and made immortal. Band interviews and plenty of background material included. The artworks for the various formats were once again created by photographer and art designer Martin Hausler, who of course stuffed lots of previously unreleased live images into the 36-page booklet and high end packaging.
»United Alive« – DVD/Blu-Ray
The DVD/BLURAY »UNITED ALIVE« captures the phenomenal sets with recordings from Wacken in front of 75,000 metal heads , 14,000 fans in the Madrid arena, and topped off by the legendary gig at the Espaço das Américas in front of 8,000 fans in São Paulo. In total, there’s over three hours of live material in stereo and premium 5.1 surround sound plus a movie compilation with the essentials of the concert’s LED content, all cartoon clips of Seth and Doc, further surprises, and the very personal 30-minute band interview about the past, present, and future.
»United Alive In Madrid« – Live-CD/Vinyl
As pure as it gets – the LIVECD/VINYL »UNITED ALIVE IN MADRID« has nearly three hours of unbridled PUMPKINS live pressure up its sleeve – including bonus tracks of the shows in Prague, São Paulo, Wacken, and Santiago de Chile.
»United Alive« & »United Alive In Madrid« will be available in the following formats, and can be pre-ordered here:
Disc 1: Live concert, Disc 2: Bonus material – intro movie, interview, LED compilation, Seth & Doc animations & more
Disc 1 & 2: Live concert, Disc 3: Bonus material – intro movie, interview, LED compilation, Seth & Doc animations & more
Live concert Madrid plus bonus tracks: »March of Time«, »Kids of the Century«, »Why« and »Pumpkins United«
Live concert Madrid plus bonus tracks: »March of Time«, »Kids of the Century«, »Why« and »Pumpkins United«
Complete contents of Blu-ray, DVD, and CD in premium packaging
Disc 1
01. Halloween 13:29*
02. Dr. Stein 5:47*
03. I’m Alive 3:23**
04. If I Could Fly 4:13*
05. Are You Metal? 4:19***
06. Rise And Fall 4:22**
07. Waiting For The Thunder 4:04*
08. Perfect Gentleman 4:26*
09. Kai´s Medley 14:36*** (Starlight / Ride The Sky / Judas / Heavy Metal Is The Law)
10. Forever And One 4:32**
11. A Tale That Wasn’t Right 6:09***
12. I Can 4:48*
13. Pumpkins United 6:28***
14. Drumkins United 4:50***
15. Livin’ Ain’t No Crime / A Little Time 6:38*
16. Why 4:32**
17. Sole Survivor 5:15**
18. Power 4:16*
19. How Many Tears 10:58***
20. Invitation / Eagle Fly Free 7:55*
21. Keeper Of The Seven Keys 20:13*
22. Mos-Kai-To 2:38*
23. Future World 4:46*
24. I Want Out 9:08***
25. Outro & Credits 4:59
Total running time: 2 hours 47 minutes
(*) Recorded live in Madrid, December 9th, 2017
(**) Recorded live in São Paulo, October 29th, 2017
(***) Recorded live at Wacken Open Air, August 4th, 2018         
Disc 2
01. Halloween 13:35 – Live in São Paulo, October 29th, 2017
02. Dr. Stein 5:29 – Live in São Paulo, October 29th, 2017
03. Kids Of The Century 4:08 – Live in Prague, November 25th, 2017
04. March Of Time 5:27 – Live in Santiago de Chile, October 31st, 2018
05. Pumpkin’s Whisper – 35:27
06. Bursting Hamburg – 01:59
07. The Essential LED Compilation – 17:09
08. Seth & Doc, The United Thing – 12:04
09. The Keeper’s Journey – 1:19
CD 1
01. Halloween 13:37
02. Dr. Stein 5:36
03. I’m Alive 3:48
04. If I Could Fly 4:01
05. Are You Metal? 4:28
06. Rise And Fall 4:22
07. Waiting For The Thunder 4:02
08. Perfect Gentleman 4:50
09. Kai’s Medley 13:52 (Starlight / Ride The Sky / Judas / Heavy Metal Is The Law)
10. Forever And One 5:22
11. A Tale That Wasn’t Right 5:43
CD 2
01. I Can 4:57
02. Livin’ Ain’t No Crime / A Little Time 6:39
03. Sole Survivor 4:58
04. Power 4:11
05. How Many Tears 10:56
06. Invitation / Eagle Fly Free 7:13
07. Keeper Of The Seven Keys 17:03
08. Future World 5:36
09. I Want Out 8:47
Live in Madrid, December 9th, 2017
CD 3
01. March Of Time 5:28 – Live in Santiago de Chile, October 31st, 2018
02. Kids Of The Century 4:00 – Live in Prague, November 25th, 2017
03. Why 4:40 – Live in São Paulo, October 29th, 2017
04. Pumpkins United 6:32 – Live at Wacken Open Air, August 4th, 2018
Total Running Time:  2 hours 41 minutes

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS – Release Video & Single “A Journey To Remember”

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS release their second single off Wanderers today along with a beautifully conceptualized video. Leaving behind old memories, the song takes the listener to the wild and untamed nature, and into the dreamscapes of the band.
“A Journey To Remember” is a powerful song, guaranteed to have you captivated and enchanted!

Watch “A Journey To Remember” below:

On August 30thVISIONS OF ATLANTIS will release their long awaited seventh studio album Wanderers via Napalm Records. The follow up full length album for 2018’s The Deep & The Dark, which hit the charts in Germany, the USA, the UK and Switzerland, continues the everlasting journey of VISIONS OF ATLANTIS in 19 years of band history right into the wideness of the seas.
As OOMPH!’s singer Dero states: ”The perfect mixture of female and male vocals, embedded in great symphonic metal hymns!”
VISIONS OF ATLANTIS on the new album:
This is our heart & soul, the essence of Visions Of Atlantis.”
Pre-Order the new album Wanderers NOW!

EQUILIBRIUM – second single release / new music video announced

German epic metal pioneers, EQUILIBRIUM, will set aflame a brand new bonfire this summer with their sixth studio album. “Renegades” (out: August 23rd via Nuclear Blast) is heralding a watershed, the turn of an era for this genre. This is metal at its most epic and most monumental, bearing huge songs, resting firmly in the Zeitgeist with a massive, modern production and sporting quite a number of eclectic influences. And before the bleating erupts: It’s working, it’s blending in – and above all, it’s still Equilibrium. Quite possibly more than ever.

Last week, the band released the second digital single “Path of Destiny”. The song is available on all major streaming and download platforms:

Now, the band presents the official video clip of the song.
Check it out below

Berthammer states:
“Path of Destiny’s music video is actually a loveletter to humanity and it’s diversity, but at the same time a reminder and warning, packed with serious topics into a strange and colourful fictive 80s world.
It’s about how people’s life lines collide in kinda strange ways and how all of us unconsciously influence other people’s lives every single day. Which is kinda interesting…as most of us humans don’t really care that much about others, but we are all connected. We all do feel the same things, we fear the same things and we all struggle sometimes. But one single smile, word or gesture at the right time and the right place can actually change another persons whole life. Isn’t that powerful?!
Humans are super interesting beings and it’s amazing to actually see how an action leads to an reactions. And how emotions guide our actions.
All of us have decisions to make, whether we like it or not, whether they are right or wrong in the end…we have to make them. That’s just how our universe works.
Diversity is beautiful and instead of being afraid of it or even fear it, we should learn to love it. Our human mind is the most powerful weapon. Use it wisely.
Don’t judge so rashly. Offer an open mind and an open heart instead. Listen. Give people a smile.
And maybe you will unconsciously access someone else’s path of destiny.”

Pre-order »Renegades« in various formats, here:
Pre-save »Renegades« via Spotify:

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