WOM Features – Jackson Colt Reimagines The Essence Of 80’s Rock With Spirited New Single And Lyric Video “Reckless Love” – Exclusive Premiere

Jackson Colt is the essence of 80’s Rock reimagined. Catchy chorus hooks, melodic riffs and shredding solos echo through from the Golden Era of the Guitar. Raised on “Old School Rock”, Jackson Colt combines a retro-retake with a modern fresh sound that booms through the ages for all target markets. Their latest Single and Lyric Video “Reckless Love” is set for release on Friday 18 August and produced by seasoned musician and producer Dale Schnettler (from Prime Circle & The DrumJ Experience fame). This is a spirited song about loving somebody who you are not meant to be with.You can watch below the Lyric Video in a World Of Metal Exclvusive Premiere:

“Reckless Love” is perfect for fans of Classic Retro Rock with a fresh modern twist!

Vocalist & Guitarist Jackson Colt shares that “Reckless Love” tells a story about “loving somebody who you are not meant to be with. The first verse depicts the beginning of the two lovers journey being exciting and ignorant. The second verse contrasts this by showing the final stages of being miserable. The chorus acts as a rationalisation that both lovers display in which they believe that the reckless nature of the love is normal. The lyrics deal with the idea of challenging fate and the insanity that comes with trying to believe that everything is in place. The song begins with the lovers cross paths on a one way street which is a clear indication from the start that things aren’t meant to be. Someone is going the wrong way. The song has a very upbeat classic rock style to it. This was done to convey the hopes for two lovers, while the lyrics acting as the underlying truth/voice in our heads both are trying to ignore. Recording the song with producer Dale Schnettler (Prime Circle & The DrumJ Experience) was incredible. We wanted to capture the classic rock sound through big harmonies while still keeping the bouncy rhythm . We also harmonised a few chords at the end of the choruses which was interesting as mostly single notes are harmonised.”

Jackson Colt 

Dean Gerber (Bass & Backing Vocals)
Jackson Colt (Vocals & Guitar)
Piet Snyman (Guitar & Backing Vocals)
Matthew Safi (Drums)
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