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1755 marks the year of the horror when a giant earthquake destroyed Lisbon. 2017 will mark the year of MOONSPELL‘s new magnum opus titled ‘1755‘, the 13rd studio record by the portuguese Dark Metal pioneers, which will see the light of day on November 3rd with Napalm Records.

It’s the musical version of the year when the earthquake wrecked the band’s hometown, a dark adventure into medieval landscapes: Breathtaking and completely earthshaking!
Naturally this album comes and is sung in Portuguese and will outclass all standards you have ever heard from MOONSPELL before.

Just recently MOONSPELL have unveiled a first snippet of their song ‘TODOS OS SANTOS‘ ( engl: ‘All Saints’ ), now the band unleashes the official music video and full track:
Even tough this all happened in 1755, there are still a lot of world and country leaders that think themselves as saints, with a sacred mission, chosen by any God. What really happens is that they save no one but themselves and this video showcases the message of the song: as in 2017 or 1755 all saints will not be enough to save us.” – comments vocalist Fernando Ribeiro.


Thirty years of the band’s history flows into their brilliant eleventh record, combining everything that SAMAEL have learned the hard way spanning three decades of their decadence. In anticipation of the upcoming release the band has premiered a brand new video for the song  “Black Supremacy” and you can listen to it below:

SAMAEL explains:
“We wanted to pay homage to our favorite color with a song. Black isn’t considered to be a color but in its purest essence it is an absolute value. Musically this track tends to be more extreme than the rest of the album but it couldn’t be otherwise!”

After nearly a decade fronting post-hardcore outfit Coliseum, Ryan Patterson has moved to his next endeavor: Fotocrime. Using a combination of synths and drum machines in addition to guitar and vocals, Fotocrime is a new sound, as heard on songs like Duplicate Days which you can listen below:

Ryan Patterson comments : “‘Duplicate Days’ is the first song from the upcoming Always Night EP and the first Fotocrime recording with Nick Thieneman (guitar) and Shelley Anderson (bass). The song expands on our melodic tendencies, opening with my twelve-string guitar and driven by Shelley’s bass and our ever-reliable drum machine, which we’ve affectionately named ‘Mother’. The guitar interplay between Nick’s bright, constantly moving guitar lines and my chiming chords is possibly my favorite part of ‘Duplicate Days’; while the vocals and lyrics ruminate on how frighteningly quickly time passes us by, the music is nearly joyous and propulsive as it presses ever forward.

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