WOM Features – Pil & Bue – “Change Your Mind” Exclusive Premiere

Photo by Carl Christian Lein Størmer

Pil & Bue have just released their third, and perhaps one of the most significant and unfaltering singles from their upcoming album “Special Agents” – “Change Your Mind” that World Of Metal premieres exclusively for Portugal and you can check out below:

Because “Change Your Mind” is a songabout love, about the right to openly live with and love whomever you want, freely and without prejudice. It is as reaction to the recurring theme of discrimination, prejudice, hatred,and violence people are faced with every day worldwide, simply because of what they identify as or who they have come to love .In 2023, we should have come so incredibly much further, that people still are not free tolove who they love or be who they are, is devastatingly heartbreaking.

Pil & Bue comment: “Love is love. Wefind it infuriating that people are oppressed because of who they love, or who they are. “Change Your Mind” is a song that allows love to be what love is; unconditional.”

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