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Serrabulho – New song unveiled and new album details – “Porntugal ( Portuguese Vagitarian Gastronomy)”

01. She Drinks Milk
02. Ela Fez-me um Grão de Bico
03. Fecal Torpedo
04. Pito Sem Penas
05. Os Tintins do Tintin
06. BBC Wild Life
07. Cagalhão Com Ovo a Cavalo
08. Gelado de Caganetas
09. Dingleberry Ice Cream
10. Tofu au Cu
11. Tomate Pelado

Porntugal features a wide variety of guest appearances. Besides the bagpipe, Ricardo Santos also plays rabel (similar to an archaic violin and descendend from the medieval rebec), tarota (a catalan wind instrument, that belongs to the Oboes family), adufe (a portuguese square drum), galician tambourine and vieiras (scallop shells).
Manuel Meirinhos [Galandum Galundaina, Trasgo] contributes with additional vocals, sampling and bagpipe. Freaky, the crazy chihuahua barks (a lot) on the song Os Tintins do Tintin. Also, additional vocals throughout the CD were provided by Susana Lima and Hugo Picamilho [PadariaGang].

Some field recordings captured in loco by ethnomusicologist Tiago Pereira & A Música Portuguesa a Gostar Dela Própria[] were used on the disc.
With Porntugal, Serrabulho focused on its Portuguese cultural/musical heritage and wrote an intense-yet-exotic album, with multiple layers that result in an ever-more-distinctive effort.

The band also notes that a part of Serrabulho’s twisted aesthetic actually originates from the minds of two young ladies: “Susana Catalão, our most beloved lyricist, has penned the vast majority of the songs’ lyrics, delivering some of funniest stories, written in an exquisite way that lets us delve ever-deeper in our craziness. Meanwhile, Marta Peneda’s cover art has been the band’s calling card. Every time we talk to either Susana and Marta about some ideas we had, they return to us with even more deranged concepts than the ones we initially brainstormed.”

These are the gigs already confirmed:
29.12.18 – Assembleia do Metal 2018, Pindelo dos Milagres, São Pedro do Sul [PT]
18-19.01.19 – XXXapada na Tromba, RCA Club, Lisboa [PT]
02.02.19 – Massas Club, Pedrulha, Coimbra [PT]
28.04.19 – SWR, Barroselas Metalfest, Barroselas [PT]
05.07.19 – Resurection Fest, Viveiro [ES]
22.08.19 – Deathfeast Open Air, Andernach [DE

ICHOR release new song “Architect of the Portal”

German death metal band ICHOR are now streaming “ARCHITECT OF THE PORTAL”. The track is taken from their album Hadal Ascending, which is out December 7th.

Pre-order the album here:

WEB: facebook  •  bandcamp

Dirk – Drums
Norb – Bass
Daniel – Guitars
Jo – Guitars
Eric – Vocals

THY ART IS MURDER – brand new single ‘Death Perception’ out now

Australia’s premiere incendiary musical export, THY ART IS MURDER, has released the brand new single ‘Death Perception’. Check out the lyric video, here:

The song was produced, mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator Will Putney. The vinyl comes in yellow and green and is limited to 250 copies of each color (USA only – already sold out in Europe). Get yours while supplies last at this location:

‘Death Perception’ track list:
Side A
1. Death Perception
Side B
2. No Absolution

THY ART IS MURDER‘s latest full-length release, ‘Dear Desolation’ was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio in Belleville, NJ. Artwork was created by Eliran Kantor (HATEBREEDTESTAMENTICED EARTHSODOM).


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