WOM Features – Swallow The Sun / Mystifier / 22

SWALLOW THE SUN release video and single for „Lumina Aurea“

MystifieR release new track and album details of forthcoming album

The Brazilian black metal underground stalwarts of MYSTIFIER are now premiering the first track of their new full length ‘Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia’, which will be released on March 8th 2019. The first offering named “Weighing Heart Ceremony” is now streaming below:

MYSTIFIER comment on the track: “After 17 years of hiatus, Mystifier return with a new album demonstrating all devotion to the underground black metal that runs in our distorted veins, over a 30 year career. It’s our way of thanking all of our followers for all these years of extreme music support. There are no words to describe the role of everyone who was part of our story. There is much to come in the near future… Let’s open wide the gates for the Black Magick Dynasty”.


22 Share New Single Sylphs

Norwegian Progressive Rock Band 22 is releasing their new single“Sylphs” today. It’s the third new song taken from the double album “You Are Creating”, which was released on 23 November via Long Branch Records and Indie Recordings (Nordics).
Watch the video for “Sylphs” here:

Guitarist Magnus Børmark about “Sylphs”:
“This is a very literal song about dreams and ambitions, how toxic it is to go about with dreams in your head about what you want to do and how you want the world to be, but at the same time not doing any action in the direction of your dreams. If your inner world is at constant conflict with what you are actually doing, then maybe it is better to let those dreams go, so as to accept and align to on the inside what you are actually doing on the outside. Then at least your inner and outer worlds are coherent, and from there you can start dreaming new dreams again.

The video is chapter 3 of our YOU ARE CREATING film quadrilogy, were we follow the robot HAL22000 and his human friend AKIRA on their ventures in a parallell post-cataclysmic universe. All of these videos are shot in MALM, an old abandonded mine in rural Norway, where there are buildings and an industrial area that have not been touched since the 60’s. Sylphs is shot in the old laboratory in Malm, with old pyrex glasses,tubes, scalpels, bottles of chemicals and stuffed animals. All props (including our marching band uniforms) used are real actual items from the lab. We follow AKIRA as he needs to get some scanner nodes to build a device to digitize himself and be with HAL22000 in the digital realms. He then ends up at dr Commodaro’s freaky ectypes workshop.”

Order ‘You Are Creating’ here

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