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THEN COMES SILENCE release video for ‘Warm Like Blood’

Swedish post punk/dark wave/indie rock masters THEN COMES SILENCE have released their brand new album »Blood« today.

The album has been chosen as the album of the month by German SONIC SEDUCER and was widely praised among specialized press.

Also other musicians have fallen in love with the dark appeal of the group’s intense music…

THE 69 EYES‘ singer Jyrki69 states: “I’m a fan. This is the most important dark rock band that has come out for two decades!”

Dani Filth of british dark/extreme metal legends CRADLE OF FILTH says: “Loving it! Reminds me of post punk bands like THE MISSION, GENERATION X, NEW MODEL ARMY, CHRISTIAN DEATH mixed with the last IN SOLITUDE album. Ace!” 

In celebration of the release, the band presents the official animated music video for the song ‘Warm Like Blood’ – you can watch it below


Archspire release bass play-through video

ARCHSPIRE bass player Jared Smith has published a play-through video for the title track of the Canadian tech death shooting stars’ current full-length, ‘Relentless Mutation’, which was released on September 22nd.

The clip is now streaming below:


The powerful Italian quartet Adimiron releases their new single and music video “Stainless” today! Definitely something to check out if you are a fan of Opeth’s music.

Guitar solo originally performed by Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath, Howling Sycamore)
Video directed and filmed by Sanda Movies

‘Stainless’ is available on all streaming services!

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