WOM Features – Tó Pica / Jack Slamer / October Tide

Tó Pica premires new song and lyric video

Tó Pica, one of the greatest portuguese guitar players, just premiered a new lyric video of a new song, intitled “Rise”. Counting with vocals sung by David Pais (Sullen) Below you can watch it:

The new album will be released somewhere in 2019

Tó Pica – guitar / David Pais – Vocals / Arlindo Cardoso – Drums /

JACK SLAMER – ‘Turn Down The Light’

ACK SLAMER‘s self-titled album will be released on May 3.

The album can be pre-ordered digitally and physically (CD and vinyl) here:

OCTOBER TIDE release guitar playthrough video for ‘I, The Polluter’

Sweden’s melodic death/doom metal band OCTOBER TIDE release a guitar playthrough video for the first single off their forthcoming album “In Splendor Below”, due out May 17th worldwide via Agonia Records. The playthrough is performed by the band’s guitarists & former Katatonia members, brothers Fredrik and Mattias Norrman. Watch the video at:

With a history tracing back to the epicentre of melodic death metal in Sweden, OCTOBER TIDE have come a long way and have generated a spark that is strongly felt in the energy of the scene. “In Splendor Below” is the latest addition to their vibrant discography of guitar-driven, emotive death/doom metal art. It packs some of the most authentic and unique compositions from the capable hands of founding member and long-time Katatonia guitarist, Fredrik Norrman, his brother and guitarist Mattias Norrman (ex-Katatonia), vocalist Alexander Högbom(Demonical), bassist Johan Jönsegård (Letters From The Colony) and drummer Jonas Sköld (Letters From The Colony Thenighttimeproject). While Fredrikprefers for the music to speak for itself, he finds the new album “a bit more aggressive, a bit more death metal, and with an overall colder feeling than previous records”.

“In Splendor Below” album was mixed and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén at Tri-Lamd studios (BloodbathKatatoniaBreachCraft). It was produced by Alexander Backlund from Nailvillage Studio (Thenighttimeproject / Letters From Colony) and OCTOBER TIDETomarum av Christine Linde created the cover artwork.


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