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The World is turmoil. War, disease, climate changes, corruption. These are difficult times hidden through shitty pop music all over the place. From Sweden comes salvation through the fivehorsemen known Alfahanne that brings good old rock’n’roll, with raw attitude and love for metal and their newest album “Atomvinter” is the best example of that. Obviously we had to bring them in to our World Of Metal. By Fernando Ferreira / Photos by Eric Robertson

Hello guys and welcome to our World Of Metal. And welcome back with “Atomvinter”! I bet you’re all anxious to show the new record to the world. How is the feeling within the band?

HI!!Thank you, yes we are excited and looking forward to the album to be released. Always an exciting feeling to put out new music and see what the response is.

You’re been growing steadily within the lovers of heavy music. If you had to say, what are the great features on “Atomvinter” that you think that takes Alfahanne sound to a new level?

Every album is a step forward. The new album is uniqe in one way, we sing In English for the first time, and that might open up for new listeners. Music wise it is still Alfahanne but with some new elements as always.

I have to ask, out of pure curiosity, why the title “Atomvinter”? Is something that connects to reality and all the instability on the world? Is this dark side of reality an inspiration to you when writing songs and making albums?

The album title song was the first to record and we thought it also was a good title to sum up the album. Alfahanne as a band and son writers always get inspiration from the world and society we live in. We are mirroring our reflection of mankind, society and the world. When we see darkness that is what the music reflects. In the way we see and feel it. In the way we choose to deal with it and tell our story.

The sound is powerful on “Atomvinter”. Modern but with life and organic. Did you had any special objectives for the production duties for this one?

Sound wise we never decide before hand too much. Once in the studio we fell the songs and try them out until we are happy with the sound. With this album we had a much longer time in the studio than what we usually have had.We never want a too clean sound, we like it open and sounding a bit like we do live.

Rock’n’roll is very different of what used to be, but in a world of Taylor Swift’s and Lady Gaga – and even rappers calling themselves rock stars – there’s no doubt that Alfahanne is a rock’n’roll band! Do you feel like that or is the label too old fashioned and too broad for what you do?

I think all labels are old fashioned and too broad. Why limit ourself to a label? No matter what you like to call or label our music, it will still sound the same. Rock is an attitude and if you call us rock I think we are satisfied with that.

You sing in swedish but we’ve got some songs in english. Is this a way to step out of the boundaries that singing on your own language puts you in, or was it just something natural that happened during writing?

Both, of course it might bring as to a new audience. Still it is something that came natural and we wanted to try. Seemed like it fitted those songs. And also it is good for all you who don’t speak Swedish for once understand the lyrics.

Though the album isn’t released yet (N.E. – it wasn’t released when the interview was made), you’ve must have some feedback. How has it been so far? 

We have released two singles and they both got good response. So it is promising.

I know that you’ve got some dates scheduled no the beginning of the next month but will there be some outside scandinavia and further south on Europe?

Yes, in October we´ll be touring Sweden. We don´t have any other official dates yet. But summer and festivals is coming up…. Book us before it is to late…

Picking on your album title and to finish off… is Winter coming? (or at least the sense of impending doom)

One thing is certain with all life and that is that everything that live will die… sooner or later. And looking back on the history of mankind and thing is clear. We march hand in hand in ignorance towards doom. Thank you very much for the interest in the band! Enjoy the new, and old, albums. Hope to see you all when we play live!


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