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Defixion came to us from the U.S.A., with the will to shake the grounds of extreme music, death metal in particular. Os Defixion chegam-nos dos E.U.A. com vontade de abanar as estruturas da música extrema, do death metal em particular. “Tabela Defexionis” is their first EP and with a powerful sound, they also bring an intricate concept. World Of Metal reached out to Defixion and their Votive Alliance with Abalal. – By Fernando Ferreira

Hello and welcome to our World Of Metal. Let us start by the beginning. How Defixion came to be?

Thank you World of Metal for your welcoming. Thousands of “Evoe” to Abalal, the one who feeds royally on souls, on a certain day. Defixion came together a few years ago, by alignment of ideals and true musicianship, starting as a simple Death Metal band evolving to a more technical performance, visual and metaphysical concept. Harming Spiritual Forces and Death Metal combined. Ousiri, Besinor, Santhenor, Eulamon and Horosis.

It seems that there’s a strong concept around your music, tell us more about it.

The concept is always imprecatory. Execrations from the past. The word “defigo” represents a binding spell and also a curse tablet.  We unify music and concept as a reflection of our passion for maledictions, bygone cults, and antiquity. We preserve this flame through assimiliation of symbols, reverence and exploration of ritual practices, and allegorical methods of exposition. Our lyrics contain magical invocations and occultic curses employed in ancient cultures.  PLEASE do not practice them lightly or blindly.  We are not responsible for their consequences.

Regarding your writing method, what comes first, the lyrics or the music?

Music comes first, then imprecatory content and lyrical mysteries. But both are equally important in the picture.  Two vessels of a special form, equally filled, equally emptied.  Pure nail art from Veneris.

Your last release was the EP “Tabella Defixionis”, last year. What is the feedback that you got about the it?

We were very surprised about the feedback about our Ep, all the reviews were extremelly positive and people reacted very well to our live shows.  Votive sacrifices are accepted by Hermekate, and the grass is caressing the feet of the dead. -Gracious Be-

You first released it on your own and then it was re-released by Xtreem Music, how did this happen?

It was rather simple, actually. We sent our now sold-out independent release to Dave Rotten and he signed Defixion for the re-release of this Ep plus a contract for two albums with Xtreem Music. This Ep is a hexagram with 6 steps into the art of defixion. Each song has a symbol and each symbol is a ritual step.

Is there been any live activity, to show these songs live?

Yes, we enjoy playing live, but is challenging to find the time and ground for chanting, Death Metal and the metaphysical powers around. Is never easy to represent what does not exist anymore, something that can never be touched.  So live shows are a work in process. Challenging, but enjoyable. We certainly conquered mediocrity. We do not rely on overly used pentacles, horns, crosses and goat skulls. Our offering is antique. Timeless and not tied to any preconception of good and evil.

What is that the future holds for Defixion? You guys are working on new music?

Our future lies beneath the cloth, in the outstreched palms of the crowd, in the respect of other musicians and listeners, in our art, in the epodai drops of rain. Our future also lies in network and betterment of oursselves as musicians and studiosos of the Via Nera Seconda.  Yes, we are working on new material for the upcoming album with Xtreem Music.

Where can Defixion reach? What are your ambitions?

Defixion can reach as high as you want us to reach. Listen to our music. A drop in an ocean of Metal. We do not dream about conquering the world with Death Metal. But is possible to be part of something bigger than ourselves. The initiation, the hardest part is over. We walked through boundaries and stones. If our art is alive, we are alive, and Abalal will keep hiding the light of the stars.

Gar Thala, Uurdux.
Gar Thala, Typhon.
Gar Thala, Defixi.

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