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Philadelphia industrial, post-punk outfit Lotus Thrones released its second, full-length album, “The Heretic Souvenir,” and we all loved here on World Of Metal. So the next step was having a little chat withprolific, multi-instrumentalist Heath Rave mastermind Lotus Thrones.

Hello Heath and welcome to our world of metal. Guide us to the creation of the Lotus Thrones project, how it was born.

          After leaving Wolvhammer and taking a long break from music, I started to get the itch again. I had been jamming with a friend of mine and learning some recording techniques from another, then I just decided to try to make stuff on my own and Lotus Thrones was born. The first thing I did was a cover of Bad Brains “I and I Survive” then within few weeks I had my first full length “Lovers in Wartime”. Things are fully realized now and we have my second record “The Heretic Souvenir”. 

How big was the importance of the release of the previous Eps to what we can hear here on “The Heretic Souvenir”

        Well, the EPS were actually written and recorded after “The Heretic Souvenir”. The songs that came after were more distilled and focused in the genres that I explore throughout record. Plus I just never stop working so it was a fun way to stop gap things and delve into certain sounds deeper, like the noir jazz stuff and the shoegaze elements.  

Listening to the album, you can’t stop thinking in names like Killing Joke, Ministry or even Therapy? Were these influences with since day one, influences that you couldn’t get out on your more metal projects and bands?

             Those 3 bands are some of my all time favorites. Killing Joke was definitely my main influence out the gate for this project. They are an all encompassing band, which is what I wanted to be. Heavy, experimental and melodic. I’ve loved them and Ministry since my formative years. I love that you hear the Therapy? in there too! They are incredible songwriters which is something that’s really important to me as well. I can be as weird and forward thinking as I want but I’m always trying to make memorable songs. 

We also have rich approach to percussion, organic drumming that we can feel throughout the record, despite the use of some electronic paraphernalia. Was it still important to you, to have the feet on more organic music, despite the experimental side of these compositions?

 Absolutely! I’m a drummer first and foremost, and  rhythm  is something that I always gravitate toward but I still wanted to have a cold mechanized feel in places. I think Ministry’s “Filth Pig” and Nine Inch Nails “The Fragile” as well as “Songs of Love and Hate” from Godflesh are great examples of more organic feeling in percussion while still having a cold industrial influence and I was really going for that on Heretic.

What are the expections to the reception of this new project? Will it be your main focus from now on? 

Lotus Thrones will definitely be my main focus. It’s my home, my place of solace. Record 3 is already done but plus I’ll have some other surprises soon!

Being a one man show, do you have any plans to play these songs live even in only one special presentation? 

I do have a live band and we’ve played a few shows, but its not my main focus. 

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