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Lucifer’s Child is one of Greece’s most exciting bands and it was formed by George Emmanuel (ex-Rotting Christ live musician) and Stathis Ridis (Nightfall) to bring something new to black metal. “The Wiccan” and “The Order” are the albums that prove that they achieved just that. Just a few days to their live debut on Portugal – as special guests on Humanart’s gig on Hard Club, Porto, we’ve got to talk with George about Lucifer’s Child’s history and present moment. – by Daniel Pinheiro

Welcome George and thank you for your time. Can you give us a short biography of the band and its path till this day?

Thank you for your invitation. Lucifer’s Child is a band, me and Stathis (bass), created during 2013-2014. Until today we have released 2 full length albums and performed in several clubs and festivals across Europe and it’s eastern part. Due to our latest release that calls upon the name “The Order”, which took place during 2018, we are on the road ,touring and presenting our dark arts.

All of you are, or were, part of bands with such an enormous history behind them. How did you approach the idea of creating something new, given that reality?

The need to create, is the greatest need of all. Therefore Lucifer’s Child was born. Playing with bands that have long and constant progress like Rotting Christ and Nightfall is a great gift but you must respect the history and sound of the band and follow a path that’s already etched. The reason I started playing guitar was the freedom I felt to express my deepest feelings and ideas with no limits. I see Lucifer’s Child as the vessel being filled with these.

What were the musical influences behind the idea? We, the ones that are aware of Greek’s extreme metal history, identify a specific, a very characteristic sound in Greek bands. Did you intend to go down the same path or, taking that sound, craft something different?

You always get inspired by the bands you grew up listening to and wanting to be alike or like them but you also need to identify yourself.  Through knowledge and respect of my roots I try to evolve and create something that comes form the heart and spirit. I try to set myself free without any boundaries and limitations when it comes to create, saying this I never follow or neither have any intention to follow a certain path. Just respect my roots and evolve.

As stated before: you are part of very relevant bands in the Greek scene and, why not, the global scene. Did this weight on you the moment you crafted Lucifer’s Child? Did you set the bar too high or, quite the opposite, you stepped into this adventure with no expectations?

There was a point I understood that I need to focus on certain things. Unfortunately, I can’t freeze time! So due to serious circumstances I had to take serious decisions and risks, otherwise problems would appear very soon.

Three years distance your first release from this new one (“The Order”). Was it hard to conjugate the professional commitments you, for example, had with Rotting Christ and Stathis with Nightfall, and recording, touring and, overall creating, with Lucifer’s Child?

It was hard but not impossible. You need surgical approach to the time schedule and concentration in between touring and composing. I think this situation is not ideal but it certainly trains you well to remain focused on what you are doing for sure.

It must be exciting to be part of such a special and artistically developed scene, such as the Greek. Do you feel that that Hellenic sound really portrays your reality, your History? Do you “hear” Greece in those songs?

It sure does, my history. I grew listening a lots off bands coming from the Greek undergound black metal scene, I think though Lucifer’s Child sounds devides with the Greek sound at one point. Some of the bands that I consider iconic and influenced the band, happens to come outside my land.

Do you feel that the band has grown from “The Wiccan” to your new offering? Musically, artistically and as beings? Allow me to point out the intro/beginning for “Siste Farvel”, as such a superb detail.

Thank you very much! To be honest I am can’t understand much of growing since I feel it’s not the harvesting period of the band yet, we are still on the road so there are a few things you realize when touring cycle is complete. I am very happy though to say since “The Order” was released, we received lot’s of invitations from clubs and festivals all around the world, and this is very encouraging to continue our trip into metal!

Do you still feel that the influences you had, when you started Lucifer’s Child, are still present? Has the music evolved alongside its creator?

Well, I can assure you the bands mentality and ideas hasn’t changed or will, neither the influences did. The evolution of our sound comes from the evolution of our life itself. There are lots of stuff changing in our environment and life during time that contribute to our feelings and energies and it’s inevitable to me to avoid the “conflicts” with our music. I think that’s the point of creating something isn’t it? Express your deepest experiences.

And may I ask about the message that goes along with the sound. What is the message, the lyrical content of Lucifer’s Child?

It is very hard to speak about the lyrics and give you a certain concept in a few words. Lucifer’s Child lyrics are a personal matter and difficult to describe as they are abstract and esoteric. It is very generic to say that satanism and the left hand path is the main attribute, as all of them are an imaginary way to put out life’s experiences on a paper. Therefore, I leave it up to each listener to trip and adopt his own ideas when he listens or reads them.

Is that message a part of the person?

It definitely is…

How do you see the Greek scene, nowadays?

I am not very updated with the news but as far as I know the underground Greek scene evolves rapidly. There several “new” bands I can name that I think the do great… Dead Congregation, Sacral Rage, Acherontas, Thy Darkened Shade, and plenty others from different genres and types of extreme metal.

This is your first time in Portugal with Lucifer’s Child, but you have been to Portugal before, with Rotting Christ. Do you expect a similar welcoming?

I don’t have any doubts about the show and the people. The Portuguese blood is made of fire and it has been proved to me through several time I had the luck to be there. I expect a black metal night full of warm-blooded maniacs!

Where will this European Tour take you and do you have plans to return to the studio, or simply create, after it ends?

We are going to be on the road for the next year as well. A tour in Europe is already in plans and several festivals as well. Returning in the studio is not something I can tell when at the moment but we definitely feel after touring we are going to spend some time in the rehearsal room.

Do you have any last words for those that know you and those that do not know you yet? Personally, I would like to thank you for your time and your words. Hope you enjoy Portugal.

Thank you all for checking us out, we really look forward to our first time in Portugal, Lucifer Awaits!

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