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Manfrea started as a russian black metal duo. They evolved to quite peculiar sound of dark metal, with aesthetic of various genres of extreme metal. Now a trio and preparing for their second album, World Of Metal reached out to Manfrea’s mastermind, Christian Noir, to hear the man himself about his work and future plans for Manfrea.

Hello Christian and welcome to our World Of Metal! I would like to start for a little introducion, in your own worlds. Who is or what is Manfrea?

“Manfrea” is an old anglo-saxon word for the name of Satan or Devil. Few years earlier we used to call the band Innovation Wraith but it was a dull idea to use two inconsistent nouns in the name. You can ask me: “Why Satan? It is so medíocre”. And I will answer like: “Yes. Satan could be too simple. But not Manfrea”.

We know that you’ve entered in studio in January to record your second album, that has, if I’m not mistaken, the title “Noire”. In what stage are the recordings?

For this moment – all the guitars, bass, electronics and samples are done. Only vocals are left. Then mixing, mastering and post-production, of course.

You’ve changed your sound since the debut album. Is it to be expected a new creative path for this second one? What can you tell us about the new songs?

Well, the new stuff is kind of eclectic and dark, but catchy and fun sometimes. Imagine that Darkthrone with Five Finger Death Punch invade the studio with Lana Del Rey and Carpenter Brut. I took the best from my favorite music of different genres and tried to mix it within the framework of this album. And it is quite dual: the most lyrically positive songs have a dreary musical accompaniment and the songs where despair in lyrics is dominating – the music is more groove and vigorous. There is everything: post-black meets groove metal and nu-metal meets synthwave. Should be good enough.

The last EP had a concept throught its songs. Can we expect some kind of concept for the new songs?

Yes, for sure! But there is my own story that happened with me last year. I just sat down and thought that: “Why to tell about Cthulhu again, or about political pigs, or about something that has not ever existed? There is no more fucked up story than my own”. I used to be beloved and I loved in return. But everything ends and it is sad. Simple and mediocre again, probably yes. But it was the most dramatic and breathtaking relationships I ever had. I know the biological side of the love phenomenon, it should not worth a penny. But events of past year with their fire and inspiration at the start could make me the most successful and the happiest person in the world. But with overwhelming bitterness in the end it almost brought me to the grave.

You’ve got a steady line-up now but you’ve always were the mastermind of Manfrea. Did the other members had any input on the songs on “Noire”?

Actually, I composed all the music except two songs that I wrote with the guys which I played with in the past band Sunwalter. They are not participating any band now so they allowed me to take some parts from old material. And our drummer, Konstantin Ferey, has made all the drums for the songs.

Where was the album recorded, can you tell us? Was it self-produced?

We came to “Pentagram House” studio here in Moscow. Igor Butz of Vorvaň is responsible for recording process, mixing and mastering. It will be self-distributed as always. We increase quantity of listeners slow but sure. But I have found reliable PR-manager, so everything should work. I want to give the suitable product to our listeners. And I think that this my wish will be fulfilled.

When can we expect it to be out?

I suppose that not earlier than end of this summer. In July-September.

This new line-up, will it permit to play live, or is it an objective at all, to play live with Manfrea?

We have a stable line-up for performances but it is not the main thing for me. Manfrea can be the studio project. But anyway, I have a people to play onstage with.

What is the major objective for you as a major player and creator on Manfrea?

To play a good music. To express my thoughts and emotions at the studio or onstage, but not by raping of random girls, because my experience and emotions are mostly negative.

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