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Obscura Qalma is a new force on metal, with their new EP “From The Sheol To The Apeiron” about to explode. We’ve listened to the EP (the review is only waiting the order to be unleashed) and became quite interested in get to know a little bit about this new and promising entity

Hello guys and welcome to our World Of Metal. Being such a new band, I’ll start with the more obvious question? How Obscura Qalma came to be? I know that you’re all quite experienced in the metal scene…

We got together in 2018 after previous experiences in other bands such as Lyviatan, As Memory Dies and From The Shores. A couple of us have been playing together for a while and have been searching for the remaining members until the 4 of us got together.  Since then we started working non-stop on our first release.

About that, tell us about the EP “From The Sheol To The Apeiron”. Since the band got together in 2018, and by listening to these 4 songs,  we can say that the chemistry between all of you was really big. How was the writing of these songs?

Some of the songs have been written before the band got a full line up. We kept adding touches until we were fully satisfied.

Will you release the EP on your own or will you search for a label for it?

We are currently looking for the best option. We really want this EP to be heard.

Being the scene with all these great metal bands with symphonic elements, what do you think you’ve got to offer? Not only on  this EP but in the future, what are your main objectives?

We wanna keep getting better at writing until we can craft our own sound and create our own space in the genre.

The sound of the EP is quite powerful, can you tell us more of the production duties?

We recorded it and then passed all the duties to Inverno Studios. Fabrizio did a great job. We chose him because we liked his works, and also because he was a long time friend and we could stress him a lot about it. (laughs)

Do you have plans of playing live?

We played our first show in october in Milan. Keep your eyes peeled.

Do you envision the possibility of playing live with an actual orchestra? What would represent for you this possibility?

That’s a huge thing, absolutely too big for us at this stage. A lot of bands did already, so maybe we could thing about something different if we get big enough.

Will Obscura Qalma represent the main project for all its members? You main focus?

It surely will. Thank you very much for your time, it’s always a pleasure to be WOM’s guests.

The pleasure is all ours.



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